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Belly Bag - Urine drainage systems

Belly Bag urine drainage systems

Belly Bag – increase your activity and mobility

For those users who like to be out and about and want to live an independent and active life the Belly Bag is the urine collection bag. A soft textile belt with quick fastener is secured around the waist and helps to ensure a secure hold, almost invisibly and comfortably under the clothing which helps increase freedom of movement – a discreet way of performing urinary drainage for men and women. The only precondition for using the Belly Bag is a permanent transurethral or suprapubic bladder catheter and a functioning bladder musculature. As the level of the bag is above the bladder it requires a pressure of 6 cm H2O* to transport the urine from the bladder into the bag. The Belly Bag must not be used in combination with a nephrostomy or male external catheter. Please consult your doctor prior to using the Belly Bag.

The ridged universal connector, suitable for common catheters, helps to ensure a secure connection to the catheter funnel and the connector with integrated non-reflux valve prevents the urine from flowing back from the bag into the catheter. The non-drip outlet valve with twist control drainage tap can be operated with only one hand, even with limited manual dexterity.

Further characteristics – Belly Bag

  • Independence: Large capacity of 1000 ml allows a longer period between emptying
  • Comfortable: Fleece material on the bag’s reverse side
  • Reliable: Graduation in ml for monitoring the urine volume
  • Practical: A tuck-in strap covers the connector and the outlet valve
  • Individual: The Belly Bag is also available with a urine sampling port or a 60 cm outlet tube

Product codes – Belly Bag

Standard – sterile

Capacity Ref PIP Code Qty
1000 ml B100000 295-3941 10

With urine sampling port – sterile

Capacity Ref PIP Code Qty
1000 ml B1000P0 303-7173 10

With 60 cm outlet tubing – sterile

Capacity Ref PIP Code Qty
1000 ml B1000CT 303-7165 10

* The normal residual pressure in the bladder is 10 to 25 cm H2O (Data on file).


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