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Single-use tap drainable night bag - Urine drainage systems

Single-Use Tap Drainable Night Bags urine drainage systems

Single-Use Tap Drainable Night Bags – facilitating a fresh bag every night

This night bag features a slide tap with a bar which can only be moved once to the right side in order to open and empty the bag. The single-use slide tap valve does not allow closing the tap again for reusing the bag. The ridged universal connector with protective cap is designed to enable a secure connection with other drainage devices and the non-reflux valve prevents urine from flowing back from the bag into the catheter.

Further characteristics – Single-Use Tap Drainable Night Bag

  • Reliable: Flexible inlet tubing and graduation in ml for monitoring the urine volume
  • Convenient: Single-use slide tap valve helps to enable the night bag to be emptied easily
  • Practical: Included bed hanger (one per QTY) to secure the collection bag to the bed

Product codes – Single-Use Tap Drainable Night Bag

with single-use T-Tap outlet valve – non-sterile – with 1 bed hanger per qty

Capacity Tube lenght Ref PIP Code Qty
2000 ml 120 cm 850422-000000 371-5844 30

Please note: Non-sterile urine collectors should not be connected with sterile transurethral, suprapubic or nephrostomy catheters or any other sterile catheter. Non-sterile urine collectors can be connected only with non-sterile drainage devices (e. g. male external catheters).


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